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By 2023, Marseille Provence airport will have a new look

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By 2023, Marseille Provence airport will have a new look

With 9. 4 million passengers, Marseille-Provence Airport (AMP) set a new traffic record in 2018. This +4. 3% increase was accompanied by a 5. 7% increase in revenue ('148 million) and a historic peak in the amount of investments made ('42 million).

Transforming the airport today means projecting oneself into what the airport of tomorrow will be, anticipating new services, different expectations and passenger needs, and predicting what air traffic will be in 2025.
In 10 years Marseille Provence airport has grown from 58 to more than 100 destinations by direct flight, and from 6 to more than 8 million passengers. In 2025, driven by constantly increasing global traffic, Marseille Provence airport plans to welcome 11 million passengers and offer more and more destinations connecting Marseille to all continents and the main international hubs.

To this end, in 2015, the airport launched a major investment plan of 500 million euros, aimed at improving the airport's accessibility, creating new infrastructures,...All this to make your experience better!
Some transformations around a facilitated passenger experience, both humanized and digitalized, are already visible... They will continue to grow in the coming years.

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